Wahoo fan and pairing 2 HR monitors

So I recently bought a wahoo bike on the pretense that my wife can use it. I also have a wahoo fan as well. Now I have hopes that I can make everything as easy as possible in this new setup. She doesn’t have a high tolerance for messing with technology.

So does the fan support pairing of 2 different HR monitors? I think the answer is no, which is unfortunate. Seems like it could be supported with a firmware change.

I was hoping my wife wouldn’t need to manually control the fan when she is using the bike. We don’t share HR monitors and I was hoping just to both use our Garmin watches for broadcasting HR.

I just bought a Headwind myself and I’d actually be very surprised if you couldn’t pair more than 1 HRM. Will have to test this out.

@cschaepe It only supports one at a time but pairing a new sensor is easy.

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Yep, just tested and was able to pair 3 separate sensors. Like Sir @JSampson says though, you can only use one at a time.

Just to make sure I am clear I can pair my HR sensor and another HR sensor. And then then can use either without having to go through the pairing procedure again. Just walk in turn on the fan and it pickup on whichever is being used.

That would be great didn’t think that was the case as I had multiple HR myself and was having issues. I will have to try this myself tonight.

I don’t want my wife to go through the pairing procedure as that would be a non starter.
I wouldn’t have any expectation of using them at the same time of course. That I understand and only have one bike

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that seemed to be how it worked when I tried it earlier. I’m not sure how it will distinguish between your watch or hers if you are both wearing one. I suppose proximity might be a factor but so might “last one used”. So, if you used it with your watch, and you’re still wearing your watch when she decides to use it, it may seek out and find yours first.

I also wonder where it will pick up the HR range settings unless you’ve got the same range. Curious to know how you make out.

Shouldn’t be a problem this isn’t a dual wahoo setup. I purchased a bike so we could both use but not at the same time. So she will not be in the same room with a HR when I am working out and vice versa.


But to control the headwind with HR that is something you set up in the Wahoo Fitness app right? With a low and high range. Eg. Mine is set atm at 114 low 162 high. So the Headwind should just “remember” the setting. You might not like your wife’s range or she might not like yours. If I’m making any sense at all.

Right there is that aspect about the HR ranges. Would be nice to pair HR profiles to different HR straps. I am hoping she will be happy with my ranges. She may just be happy to have any air blowing on her. She is not a competitive cyclist as I am she just wanted to be able to ride the bike and watch some videos.
If it doesn’t work out I will just show her how to manually adjust the speed. I know she won’t want to mess with a Wahoo app

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My wife is the same. Very much tech averse. She gets angry (usually at me, lol) if there are any issues with tech in our house.

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Also, welcome to the forums @cschaepe

I don’t have a Headwind, so can’t do any testing for you, but I did see this in the online documentation for the Headwind:

Note: KICKR HEADWIND saves the last paired sensor (even if unplugged) for automatic pairing. To pair a new sensor, first select the desired mode, then hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin a new search for unpaired sensors and trainers.

Wow, doesn’t this sound familiar! lol.

My wife can do tech pretty well, but doesn’t always have the brain space to see things all the way through to the end if it’s not simple and/or quick. Makes me happy when she decides to set things up on her own and I don’t have to play middle man. :slight_smile:

And she knows if I get involved I’ll play engineer and tech support and make her explain every step she took in painful detail. :stuck_out_tongue: (we all have our foibles) “Did you turn it off and back on again?” :rofl:

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Never get IoT lightbulbs, then. One power outage at night and your life may be in danger. >_>

(Zigbee bulbs at the very least default to “on” when power is applied, so when power is restored after a power outage they come on full blast)


@cschaepe If you share a trainer you can pair the Headwind to the trainer and it will increase based on speed. For HRM pairing it only remembers the last one paired. I have traditionally paired HRM for workouts and set my minimum fan speed starting at 100bpm and max at 135bpm. You want to set it lower as you will want to have the cooling engaged fully as you get into higher bpm. I haven’t tried speed but probably would use a similar concept.


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We still have a bunch of incandescents and some old CFL. The newest tech in lighting in our house are some LED fixtures. No smart switches.

I guess I will have to do this. My preference myself is to have it controlled by HR but if I cannot have two profiles for two different HR monitors then this is probably the answer.