Kickr v5 Race Mode Beta Firmware

Hi everyone. Can anyone provide me with info on how I can try out the beta firmware for my kickr v5 that features the new race mode?



@Chris_Lamb Not sure it is beta based on the release notes - it looks like it should be available as an update to everyone. Have you tried updating from the Wahoo Fitness App?

I have tried the app but the app prompts me for a password. When I do not enter one and hit ok… the app then tells me the driver is not compatible with my kickr. I figure it requires a password?

Updating my KICKRv5 today to the new firmware (v4.3.0) worked with the Wahoo App and Race Mode was active in the race I did on RGT. A bit more responsive. Dual records of the power (against a p2max NGeco and the KICKRv5 BT connection showed no real differences compared to (v4.2.8).

I do have a login and password for the wahoo app though.

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Did the app prompt you for a password when you selected the beta firmware?

You shouldn’t be trying to apply a beta Firmware, v4.3.0 is in release and will update via the app as normal.
Is your Wahoo app up to date via the App/Play store?

At the moment I don’t think 4.3 is a release candidate for the v5. I would like to try and race mode.

Has 4.3 gone to full release candidate? Man that would be fantastic if it did.

Wahoo :slight_smile:

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