Knighthood workout planning

Hi guys,
Planning to attempt Knighthood challenge. Was looking at workout list and was wondering if there is a way to adjust workout intensity during planning process, so I would not have to make the change every time before I start. Since there is only 10 minutes break between it would save me some times and less things to remember

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You could change the settings in your athlete profile but it really doesnt take long to increase the intensity :wink: You are only looking to increase intensity right?

Seriously though, I think you will find you have plenty of time to adjust the intensity during the rides. All of them start with a warm up anyway so if you forget to adjust prior to the start, you can always adjust after.

Also, there were a few rides, for me, especially near the end where I adjusted the intensity more than once during one ride. Simple enough to do from a keyboard with the up/down arrow keys or on mobile by tapping the gear icon.


Only way to do that is to modify your 4DP profile.

Otherwise you just need to reduce the intensity as you begin each workout.

For my attempts I kept a wireless keyboard handy and reduced the intensity of each workout just after I started them. And that doesn’t take away from the 10 minute break because I did it during the warm up portion as I was riding.

And most likely you won’t do every workout at the same intensity. Typically most knights reduce them as they get deeper into their quest. Even if just by 5 or 10% overall. I started the first videos of my first attempt at 80%, but was down to 65% for my last couple. That’s pretty normal. And it’s not as difficult as you would expect.

Practicing reducing workout intensity during your training would be a good idea so it’s easier to do during your attempt. Plus it’s helpful to be able to do quickly in the middle of a video if your legs aren’t fully cooperating rather than forcing yourself to stick to a set intensity.


Thank you guys, appreciate it, I’ll do just that, adjust each time. Cheers


Easiest and best solution.


The keyboard suggestion is the easiest! A few swift taps on the down arrow and you’re all set.

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What I did was, upon concluding the last ride, I would always load up the next ride in the playlist and adjust the intensity before I actually go on the oh-too-short 10-minutes break.

It is also good to download all the videos you intend to do prior to the Knighthood.