KoS 2.0 - Knighthood of Survivalandria

minions, Knights, GvA
(OK, forget GvA but to all the rest of you)

I herewith announce another Knighthood attempt for the end of this week, Friday the 13th. there could be no better date than this.

here’s my story:
I first entered The Castle on the 17th of March, 2019, and officially became a Knight of Sufferlandria. about half a year later I was diagnosed with a grade 2 meningioma, a brain tumor that’s considered “still benign” but can nevertheless become pretty dangerous. there’s not much f***ing room inside a human head. my tumor was about the size of a chicken egg, it hat grown into my skull and induced some pretty odd symptoms that I initially had thought were simply signs of getting old. guess I was wrong.
I had surgery two weeks before Christmas that lasted nine hours and a bit, most of my tumor could be removed, but not all of it. you simply can’t just open the lid, pick up the brain, and then clean out everything there is underneath.
I still recovered reasonably well, spent Christmas with my family, and was back on the trainer just before the new year. Open 15 felt like going all out and seemed to last forever but wow, I was really proud of myself. the walks I took were getting longer, I was making good progress, had a checkup with the radio oncologist to plan radiotherapy. the following day I went for a walk and felt really good, until I went to bed. I woke up with unusual spells of pain in the middle of the night that wouldn’t go away. the usual pain meds didn’t help and I didn’t sleep too well. the following morning I felt completely knackered, shaky, elevated heart rate and a weeping wound. clear signs of an infection. it was Saturday, the 11th of January.
thus began my “Weekend of Survival”.
I called the hospital and was told to report to the ER as soon as possible. as soon as I arrived, they made all the necessary checks and then put me on antibiotics to stop the progression of sepsis. by that time I was hardly able to walk, but medication kicked in pretty well. on Sunday morning I was allowed to eat and drink.
early afternoon, the resident came to see me and told me they had just received a call from the lab, my CSF sample was completely contaminated with bacteria. I had emergency surgery that same evening to end the unexpected Staph Aureus party in my brain. another uncomfortable night on the ICU, on Monday the 13th I had finally made it through my Weekend of Survival.

three years ago.
now it’s time to celebrate.

here’s my schedule:

Who Dares?
The Rookie
The Hunted
The Best Thing in the World
There’s No Try
The Bat
The Model
Rue the Day

I’ll keep you posted


You had me at “minions”!



Inspirational. Go forth and conquer. :dagger:


Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit. Bernard Williams

Crush it!


I now got the story literally from the “horse’s mouth”. You are lucky to be with us. Kudos to the medical staff for kicking this stuff on it’s behind. Now to suffer greatly for this.
Schedule of times either CET or GMT and we’ll take it from there.


my plans are to start around 9am CET


That would be around Midnight here. Should be an interesting day.


Your story is no laughing matter, of course, but this made me giggle. I can only do so because you are here and are gonna absolutely crush this.


That’s one helluva story.

Who Dares? You do.

This is the best thing in the world. YOU are an inspiration.


:joy: it took me 5min to log on to this forum just to give you a :+1: Looking forward to seeing the smile after :blush:


Du bist eine gottverdammte Bayerischer Heldendame @IsiSchneider_KoS!

Still traumatized by The Hunted in my November quest, but I’ll be cheering for you!

Los geht’s! Kämpfen und siegen!



Awesome, I am sure ass will be kicked and we will be rooting for you!


You’re going to do an amazing job; your resilience is inspiring!


What an inspiration! I’ll be checking in to cheer you on.


So inspiring Sir Isi! Your choice to focus on speed the 2nd half of your quest is wise. You got this!

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Incredible Conquer! Congrats on your amazing resilience!

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Good luck Sir and remember…“quam diu pugnas victor es”

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“People called Romanes they go the house” ?




a certain sense of tumor - oops, humor of course - always helps me cope :sweat_smile: