KoS attempt for NYE , possibly

This is definitely ill thought out and probably not going to be completed, but I read with some other KOS attempts that people have done it at about 70% of normal power values.

So I thought if this is okay, I might try make one very long endurance ride with breaks to finish off the year.

Who knows, I’ve made a list, will have to put the lord of the rings on as supplemental stuff maybe. And I’ve made a little list.

Since one normal event leaves me ready to hibernate I’m interested to see how this goes

(edit i can’t type on a phone)


I like your list, go for it!!

Crush it!!

Great way to end the year. You can do this!

One does not simply ride to the gates of Mordor… …

Nice one! Good luck. 70% is a good number, IMO.

Heart rate started in the 140s for the warmup, not a great sign

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2020 strikes again. 9 hammers killed me. Well I’m 30% of a knight,


Looks like you gave it a good shot. Throw in a nasty case of the bubble guts and that’s more or less what I did, except I dropped the intensity to 50% after several rounds of “cleaning up” between videos so I could push on and finish. The website says there’s no targets, just that you suffer!