KoS Challenge - Date Set

Greetings Sufferlandrians,

After nearly a year of enjoying the pain of Sufferlandria citizenship, and completing the 2021 ToS, I’ve set the date to prove my worth. On Saturday, April 10, 2021, I’ll celebrate my birthday by thrashing my body in the pain cave and attempt to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project and support a lot of people struggling with lasting pain and suffering.

(EmbOKJ KoS - Fundraising For Wounded Warrior Project Community Fundraising).

Interestingly enough, while the days and years go by adding to my calendar age, since joining SUF, my “Garmin” age has gone the opposite direction!

So, here’s the line-up:

1 Nine Hammers
2 Power Station
3 Norway
4 Butter
5 14 Vise Grips
6 The Hunted
8 Attacker
9 Defender
10 The Trick

The Bat

So there you have it. I’m looking forward to a great day of glorious pain and suffering.


What a wonder to read through such a delightful degustation menu.

A spicy beginning, with plenty of variety to keep the sitting interesting. Some strong flavours will give you plenty to think about in the middle. Even the modern pairing of course 8 and 9 contrast well to keep you focused on the task at hand. Dessert will be a solemn affair, but it’s hard to imagine you’ll have much appetite left.

Enjoy your meal sir, the pleasure is all ours.



Perfection. I (don’t in any way) envy you. Best of luck!


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@EmbOKJ Kudos for mounting this attack! Courage and strength to you. Love your menu…starts off with a bang! Just finished my own Kos and here’s my unsolicited advice. Effort was “manageable” until workout 6…then things get real. I did Attacker/Defender also back to back. Their similarities work out well . My only change would be put GOAT last. The cool down followed by the sunset was an amazing finish to an incredible day. Good luck! We are with you!


@ronburgundy Thanks for the support and recommendation - I had GOAT last for a while but thought I may want the low cadence a bit earlier to try to stay somewhat fresh. The trick has some intense intervals but a fair amount of recovery in between. A lot to consider!


Looks suitably horrible. Approved. Now:


May consider switching GOAT and The Trick. Trick would give you good recovery in the 7th spot right after The Hunted. GOAT won’t give you much recovery, but would be a good workout to go out on. Or move Trick to 7 in front of GOAT and push the rest down. Defender is also a great video to end on (tho I’m biased).

Or you can always put Blender in at 10 instead of the Trick. Go out with a bang! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

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That’s 2 recommendations for moving The Trick up in the list - so…I think that is what I’ll do - The Trick moves up ahead of GOAT. I really like the attacker/defender combo. The two combined felt like a great single ride during the ToS which lets me wrap it up on a high (painful) note.

Thanks for the input!

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It’s all good…it’s all suffering. One last thing…10 mins goes FAST!

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Tomorrow is the day! Prep complete…hydration, nutrition, extra bib-shorts, socks, shirts and towels. Ready, set, 11 hours to go.


Rest… then go crush it! :crossed_swords:

Bag Balm…lots!!

22 minutes to kick-off with The Nine Hammers


Off we go! Time to “Be the Hammer”


You are powerful and determined. Crush it!

Go for it!

It’s Hammer Time!


Hammer down, on to Power Station.


Power Station charged… On to the snowy north!


Enjoy Norway!