KoS Prep Plan

As part of my KoS Quest, I have signed up for the six-week KoS Prep plan. I understand the basic premise of “on-weeks” and “off-weeks” but have sometimes struggled with the rest-day/taper parts of previous plans. My Kos Prep plan has eight days with nothing listed; should I take that literally and do absolutely no training rides on those days or are those days simply “free” days where I can add something on my own? I don’t want to screw-up the plan by getting creative on my-own, but also don’t want to miss out on eight training day opportunities because I didn’t get the big-picture concept of the whole plan.

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Hey @Rick ,
Glad you are on the way to join the KoS! You need the days off in order to absorb the training. You want to go into your Knighthood quest was fresh as possible with some solid training under your belt. Train hard, recover hard. Trust the plan and have fun!



Outside of KoS, do you train every day with no rest days at all? How do you allow for the adaptive aspect of training to take affect if you are always putting your (cardio, muscular etc) systems under strain?
All the best for your KoS attempt.


Thanks Coach Spencer! Cleared everything up.


Sir Dan, I typically don’t take many days-off and looking back at some past hard efforts, it seems clear that I would have been better served by including rest and taper time. Thanks for well wishes!


I’m not sure if you listen to the platform podcasts in general. Wrt implementing rest in your training, expect to get fitter, stronger and faster. Be well.