Can’t believe it was 6 years ago today that I stormed the castle!! Feel free to post your own KoSiversaries here when they pop up :slight_smile:


Looks like a painful list of suffering you had! ISLAGIATT :nauseated_face:.

I guess at that time there weren’t that many options for the knighthood. Enjoy your day!

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Yeah I think at the time I only owned 12 videos and one was Extra Shot. I think it was Local Hero that I left out.

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Nice one! Which of the 10 did you to to celebrate?
If you were to do another one, what would your route look like now?

Ohhhh. Mine is about now too. And this year I haven’t repeated it.
Maybe December …

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Well the actual anniversary has landed on a rest day. So for now I will just enjoy the memories :slight_smile: but I may pick one to do tomorrow…

I’m really not sure. I’d probably try and pick some kind of theme and run with that. At one point, before I was a Dad and could still do endurance events lol, I did contemplate doing “The Darkest Knight” and rising from Sunset to Sunrise on the longest night of the year, picking videos that would pretty much cover the right time. But I’m a LONG way off contemplating that now :slight_smile:


I vote Violator for tomorrow then :smiling_imp:


Here you go Sir Lee, the longest ten shuffled in to random order with Violator last (because Violator should always be last :hamster:). Should keep you going for a night when the family are next away :slight_smile:

@JamesT I’ve got a feeling it needed more than ten. But Cobbler may have change that!

Does that time include 90’ of breaks?!

Edit: Team Scream as well actually

Edit 2: Looks like the longest night is 16h 11m long

No breaks in that playlist total time so the (up to) 90 minutes fills it up nicely. Add an Igniter warm up and boom! Edit: er, no, needs another hour. Hmm…

So added one more. The Bat does seem most appropriate for a night session anyway :bat:


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