Last minute TT Preparation

I have my first TT of the year (12 miles) tonight, in 10 hours time. I took yesterday off completely as I had a hard ride Sunday and a hard turbo session(s) Monday and was very tired. I am quite new to TT’s having only done a couple last year but this year I want to do as many of the club (short) TT events as possible. Should I do any turbo work today as a warm up before and a further warm up when I get there or just chill at home and do warm up before the event. I realise that in hindsight I should have had Monday as a rest day and yesterday as a workout day but that’s history… cheers

Hey - funny - I was supposed to be doing my first one last night and had the same dilemma.

Short answer - do some activation work during the day or before you head to the TT (i.e. floor work/functional body work - activates muscles but doesn’t use up your energy (and often makes you feel better too)). Stay of the bike during the day IMO - that’s just energy use.
Warm up before event (some people do a fair bit for this - I literally do 5 minutes then it’s one long rising HR until the end …

Have fun.

PS - life exists to have fun, and sounds like you had a good opp to go ride your bike the other day - that is a good thing :slight_smile:


Thanks, Yes, Sunday was my first club outside ride since last year. All my training has been indoors on Systm. Then I felt guilty that I had missed the regular planned session so lumped two together and did them on Monday!! which left me a bit worn out. I plan to do 2 club TT’s a week ( a 7 and a 10) but need to get my head around the fact that I need to adapt my indoor plan to suit each week and not just add on the TT’s to stop me feeling guilty that I am not sticking to the plans.

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FTP up 16 watts to 3.61 w/per kg after tonight’s TT!!