Racing two days apart

I have a 10 mile TT on Thursday evening and another on Saturday Morning. Neither are target events, so I’ve not tapered, but what would be the best thing to do on Friday? A recovery spin or primers, or something else?


I have the same issue but mine are on Wednesday evening and Saturday Morning. What’s is the best to do Thurs after the TT and the Friday before the TT

@sir_james.p Cool down post your race on Thursday will be imperative. Friday I would look to begin with a recovery spin before finishing off with some seated 15 second spin ups to shake out the legs. Hydration and refueling will be key going into Thursday, during Friday and into Saturday.

@ozmadman Cool down still remains imperative. Thursday should be a recovery spin, before Primers on Friday. As above, fueling will be a very important piece of the puzzle!

Best wishes for your races!


Awesome, thanks for the advice. TT went well last night, despite not great conditions and not quite getting my pacing right (power meter wasn’t working and I forgot my HRM) I went 4 secs off my PB, so not bad for this early in the season. Probably didn’t cool down quite enough. Had a short spin back to HQ but had to get away fairly swiftly. But will be sure to follow your advice today. Thanks.

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Thanks, going forward then how would I plan the rest of the week trying to fit in 2 TT’s along with my training plan. I had been doing the TT plan with strength training up until two weeks ago where I have been moving things around and chopping out workouts as and when but I need to be a bit more organised. If I did a TT Saturday then Sunday becomes a recovery spin, Tuesday would be primers for Wednesday TT, Thursday another recovery spin and Friday would be primers again ready for Saturday… That only leaves Monday for any proper training/zone 2/intervals and no group club rides. I am concerned with this kind of “easy” schedule, apart from the two short TT’s that my other fitness that I have worked so hard to get over the last year or so will start to decline? many thanks

What about adding some intervals post-TT (if the TT’s are short and intervals can be done in continuation), prior to a proper cooldown as @Coach.Simon.B mentions? I mean, wouldn’t that make it much like a regular workout, except the first interval is all-in of course.


You should do intervals prior to the first event. It’s called Openers or Primers.

I do but these aren’t proper workouts, they are just for prep and won’t contribute to gaining or even maintaining my fitness. My worry is that if I continue doing two TT’s a week and then just doing warm downs and recovery rides for the rest of the week for the next 6 months I will loose a lot of fitness in other areas

How many days ars between events?

Wednesday Eve (10 or 12 mile ) Saturday morning 10…

Tuesday: Primers, Wednesday: Event, Thursday, Recovery Ride, Friday: Primers, Saturday: Event, Sunday: Recovery Ride, Monday: Rest. Yes, you need to be on the bicycle, but you also need to avoid overworking yourself.

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Thanks for the info, seems sensible as I do have a habit of not resting/recovering enough. The only thing that concerns me is how much overall fitness I will loose doing this every week for the next 5 months( TT season) or so which will include 3 x 1 week camping holidays (June, July, September) where there will be no biking at all.

In fact, you should probably think of proper refueling during your first race as being part of recovery and fueling for the second.