Winter training

This will be my first winter of serious bike training. Aleady this year, since joining SYSTM, I have done the 12 week all purpose plan, the Half monty, the full FF 4DP, the MAP plan (my weakness according to 4DP) and I have done my first 10 mile and local 7 mile TT with my new (first ever) cycling club, both of which I was very pleased with. My fitness gains have been very good so next year I want to enter some more TT’s and go out with the “fast guys” on my local club runs. I have just started the 12 week TT plan and wondered if this was too early in the winter to do such a plan but having just looked at info on winter training, where FTP and MAP training is crucial for winter training, it appears that this plan is just the ticket for winter training even if I have to do it twice and add a little more MAP and NM towards the end. Any thoughts please and BTW I am 69 years old

Hey @ozmadman ,
Good work on increasing fitness and setting some goals for next season. It is early for a TT plan during the off season but you seem very motivated so you could do a low volume plan now and then a higher volume TT plan to end on your first TT of next season. You could also sandwich an AC/NM building block into your schedule. You just don’t want to get stale or bored from doing a similar plan back to back. Make sure you are getting plenty of recovery as well.
Another possibility is to do a series of block plans: MAP, Threshold, AC/NM and then start your TT plan. Have fun with it!