What to do between Kickstarter and TT plan?

Hi. I’m new to SF.
I did the 14 day intro plan before signing up (which was hard - who knew yoga hurt).
I’m now half way through the Kickstarter plan (novice level) which is detraining me but it’s useful to get the hang of how the plans work. I plan to do the Time Trial 12 week plan ending on the w/b 5th July (novice or intermediate).
Question: Between the end of Kickstarter and start of the TT plan is an 8 week gap. What plan(s) should I use here? I need to keep my fitness progression going.
My ‘A’ event (if it runs) is a 25 mile/40 km time trial om 11th July.
Thank you for your help

@Elwood Try the building block plans (under Special Focus) as they are 4 weeks long and you could do two of them during your 8 week period. Also you could do one of the 12 week plans such as all purpose road and then just delete the remaining part of the plan when you start the TT plan. Good luck!

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Thank you