Latest nutrition podcast

In the latest podcast referring to nutrition they mention carbs before a workout and protein after. The general consensus of opinion these days is that carbs are vital for recovery after a workout as well but this is not mentioned at all only that to take protein for muscle repair after a workout??Also, is it just me but some of the presenters on there are so droll they make me want to fall asleep, they need to have a bit more get up and go when they present the info.

You make a good point about carbs with the protein after a workout. I generally have both and it works well.

I love the Knowledge Podcasts. I find them interesting and sometimes entertaining. I don’t think the people are droll at all - they are, after all, just folks like us sharing their expertise.


@ozmadman For most podcasts including The Knowledge, I listen at 1.25x speed. Maybe check that out and see how it works for you.

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Thanks, will give that a go!