Lesson Learned

In my first year as a Suff. my numbers hardly changed, then came the TOF followed by the long recovery and the FDP numbers shot up . Things went into another plateau until the next TOS following the recovery there was another big jump all round (except NM)
I realise that although I can handle a much higher workload, more is not better when it comes to improvement , more recovery is the key. I have always ignored this advise in the past .Because I felt OK I have assumed that also means recovered and adapted.


I think we need to change the exercise terminology from “recovery” to “strength building phase.”

Perhaps this will help to change people’s psychology about rest and recovery.


This is really interesting to hear! I’m about 13 months in SUF and I’ve done a few of the training plans. I have a menstrual cycle and there is some upcoming training knowledge about doing HIIT during one phase and not the other. The SUF plans don’t jibe with this, so I made it happen. The long and short was the overall results were impressive and I was definitely pleased. I definitely feel like I was doing a “minimum effective dose.”

What I think the training plans provide is:
-ways to organize specific types of workouts within a week
-progressive overload
-exposure to workouts you wouldn’t necessarily pick on your own

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