Library : the way out ... marvelous

Hi to sufferlandia team and users , i’m happy to share the good feelings about this training .
For me is one of the most beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:
it makes you train without getting tired, it makes you have fun.
it is well balanced with training time, rest and degree and duration of paine.
Just this morning i’ have done this training .
Also music and movie are exceptional and well inserted in the contex
Congratulations to the team and coach
ciao e grazie Luigi , buon allenamento a tutti :smiling_face:


hey @Luis welcome to the community! If you liked The Way Out, you will probably also like the other gems featuring Sir @michael.cotty!

In the Sufferfest library there’s: Getting Away With It and To Get To The Other Side.

And, to top that off, there are ALL the On Location vids too: Currently there are 8 of them, each with a unique flavour of their own and there are more planned. Now, the On Location vids don’t have music like the Sufferfest ones but they, like Sir Mike, are expertly crafted.


@Luis welcome aboard! Like you I love all the @michael.cotty rides - I definitely recommend the On Location ones. Don’t be fooled though, they are stunning but hard work, buy hey you’re a Sufferlandrian so hard work won’t worry you :muscle:


I finally got around to this one.


This workout features beautiful videography, a bumpin’ soundtrack, sweet-spot training, and a hybrid Suff/OLW feel. It challenges, entertains, and educates.

Really, well, done. This one goes on my “Favorites” list.