The Way Out

I rode this today for the first time. It is an awesome ride but for me the main thing was it demonstrated that I ACTUALLY LIVE IN SUFFERLANDRIA. The last climb is the Colle Delle Finestra and it states the border its at the top. I actually live in Fenestrelle which would therefore technically be in Sufferlandria. Also I am a guide at the fortress mentioned and know the 3996 stairs very well. If anyone wants to ride the colle (and it is a brute of a climb but glorious) and needs company just send me a message.


That is awesome @Sheepdogtraveller Would absolutely LOVE to join u one day. #wishlists

I don’t live anywhere near there and the only climbs near me require a minimum of 2 hours driving and even then, it’s a river valley and not very long and not very steep.

That said, I live in Sufferlandria too :wink: Have been here since 2015, you can never leave :slight_smile: