List 4DP Profile Intensity Modification in Workout Detail

Currently, in the Workout Detail for a completed workout, you see your 4DP Profile at the time you did the workout. It would be useful to see in the detail what modifications (if any) the coaches made to the workout intensity.

Seeing what changes you made to the profile, on the other hand, could get quite complicated since you could make those changes in the middle of the ride. I am not asking for that feature.

This is something Iā€™d also be interested in seeing!

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Me too

Since there are no more reduced intensity workouts from the coaches, this request is no longer meaningful. Could our votes be released for other topics?

The only way to release the vote is to close or archive the topic. Not sure but as you created it you may be able to do that.

The original suggestion is still valid though -there are still modified intensity workouts, just not the heavily reduced recovery/endurance ones.

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