Tag Reduced Intensity workouts in the SUF Calendar

Hi - raised this elsewhere, and copying in here - would be amazing to be able to see reduced intensity workouts ‘differently’ - even if in the short term just colour coded - helps with the weeks planning

Also in feature requests here too

There is a note icon which is present when the intensity is adjusted. But then it’s also present when there’s any kind of coach comment so not a complete solution for you. Agree that some kind of “intensity” colour coding for upcoming workouts would be a nice to have


Ahhhh - this symbol here? Cool - I see what you mean by coaches notes as sometimes the normal SUF note is in ‘notes’ and triggers it but actually this is good as a starter, and we can do colours next. Thanks.
I’d ‘like’ your response but apparently I’m not allowed to for another 29 minutes haha

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Haha. Yeah the like limit thing. I’m sure you’ll level up very soon and can like away to your :heart:'s content. Well 1.5x its current content anyway.

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There’s also the need to see an intensity-adjusted workout after it’s done.
This is important for reference and for comparison.
However, it’s problematic if the intensity changes throughout with manual adjustment, so at least a flag post-activity to indicate it was modified.
(here’s the old request: https://support.thesufferfest.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360005825436-Display-Reduced-Targets-in-Activity-Summary)


Yeah, I always put my up front adjustments in as a note. Tricky to automate because the user might change the settings part way through. Flag to indicate some kind of modification (or mid-workout pause) sounds like a + though

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@Martin, we’ve definitely had a few requests come in to make the reduced intensity workouts more obvious on the training calendar- many people don’t know to look for the clipboard or to read the coach notes before they launch the workout, so the reduced intensity workouts are often a surprise! I’ll add a mark to the overall tally for this feature request- as well as for saving the intensity changes after the workout has been completed @Sir_Yotam- that’s also something we’d love to see in future development. Cheers!


Thank you @ellisa.podemski - we like new features :slight_smile:

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