List of famous races / climbs in videos

It’d be great to have a list of what races are featured in what videos and what climbs as well.

Some I know (the new fight club from the 2019 WC, 14 Vice grips from the 2018 WC, FF 2016 de Ronde for the FTP test, second part of butter is 2016 Rubaix, Cobbler is 2019 Roubaix, etc)

But some I have trouble with, like:

  1. Last wall in power station (giro stage, climb), actually all personal if power station
  2. FF one min efforts (I usually only see stem)
  3. There is no try, what happened to that BMC rider at the top of the climb, why didn’t his teammates bike work for him, what race was that?
  4. AVDP, Cancellara ‘s attack, what year?
  5. HHNF, all intervals , where, what year?
    And many many more?

what giro stage and climb is the last wall in power station?

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We don’t have climbs listed but you can see the featured races in the description of many of the workouts.

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I can help with question 4 as I too wanted know the answer and I belive it is 2011.

I went back and looked at the kit Cancellara was wearing in the Sufferfest video, found it was the 2011 Leopard-Trek kit and there we go - it must be 2011 (Unless I recognised the kit wrong lol)

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@Cody.Moore yes on the race, but year is often not included in the description, and sometimes jot all races are listed. While the race is listed during the video, but I often miss that cause I am focusing on pedaling…

I was hoping something like the Song list could be put together for climbs and/or races. Mike Cotty’s videos have some good description of climbs, but do any of the other videos with race footage go over those same climbs?

Again, this is more a curiosity thing and probably a lot of work,


The last 8 minute climb in Power Station that follows Alberto Contador is Stage 20 of the 2015 Giro on the Colle delle Finestre.