Losing the Sufferfest name?

Rather, what was done to you in Rubber Glove? :pleading_face:

I have no issue with the name. I just wish Sufferfest kits were available!


Here’s what an old Rubber Glove session looked like for me. Warmup, those small spikes were cadence builds, then the 20 minute all out. Much less SUF than Full Frontal.

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I received a promotional email from Wahoo yesterday promoting the “Buy a subscription, get a free Tickr.” thing they did back last winter too. The interesting thing is that they are not calling the Sufferfest The Sufferefest anymore. They call it the Wahoo SUF app. Me no likey. Is this a step on the path to the integration of The Sufferfest with the Wahoo parent? My concern is that maybe a future step on that path will be to lose the “secret sauce” that makes the Sufferfest the program I prefer over the others, namely the backstory so thoroughly threaded through the workouts that I forget sometimes that I am riding my trainer, the snarkiness, the fake folklore. I hope we dont lose those along the way.


I gave you a <3 @ibike365, but wanted to reply too for visibility: I’m overthinking the yearly subscription at the moment due to the same reason. If they keep the sauce, then count me in, take my money. If not, then I know I’m paying for the awesome new features and big updates that are upcoming (see other thread), but with an unknown/other twist to it (in order to appeal to a bigger public?).
There has been no confirmation about this (yet).


I would still subscribe as whatever they do, they aren’t going to replace the full collection of videos over night and the community isn’t going to disappear.

From the interviews I’ve heard with @David.McQuillen.KoS I can’t see him making massive changes, he has worked hard to get the community to where it is so hopefully won’t want to change it in a negative way.


My subscription isn’t up until March of next year so the offer wont help me anyway. (I’m already on the annual plan). I took advantage of the offer earlier this year and renewed. Nothing has changed in the app, i’m just concerned that there will be a “softer, gentler” approach to attract more users, essentially watering down the secret sauce to the point that the Sufferfest is no longer recognizable. I’m still committed for the near term, just hoping the “big changes” coming don’t change the important stuff.


I think there has been big advances in the Science of Suf, that some people may refer to as “watering down”. Already there are relative newcomers here asking questions about why the Sufferfest has reduced intensity recovery rides in their plan.

Going, if not gone, are the repeated days of battering yourself into the floor in the hope of improving.

This has been replaced by science-based plans of several weeks duration, ramping up and dialing back when needed, some combined with an holistic strength and yoga program, to nearly guarantee that you will improve.

I’m totally sold on Suf and won’t be questioning my dollars when they offer, in my opinion, the most comprehensive, deep-rooted, cycling improvement environment I’ve experienced, regardless of what the final name turns out to be.

P.S. if this came across a bit strong it wasn’t my intention to sound critical of others - you pay your money and take your choice - but more about my passion for Suf.


As long as the humour and character stay in it, I’ll be staying with it.


Honestly, I can’t believe that Sir Neal Henderson and coaches have just come to these conclusions. It seems to me that the importance of recovery become commonplace in training a few decades ago.

I thought that Sir Neal Henderson was in the (SUF) game till early start, isn’t he?.

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Sir Neal wasn’t with Suf in the early days and when he first got involved initially, he just designed a few workouts.

It’s only in the last c.3-4 years that he and Apex Coaching actually came fully onboard which was about the time we started getting the more scientific training.


Did anyone else get asked to change their login details within the last 24hrs? SUF running on my tablet wanted me to switch to a combined Wahoo/SUF login when I opened the app, but then reverted to the Sufferfest login on the training plans page. My iPhone version of the app asked me to login, but using Sufferfest credentials, and my PC app just logged in fine with no changes.


Yeah, the app on iOS got updated to allow the account merger.

After logging in to my Wahoo account it automatically changed the password to mirror my The Sufferfest credentials. I like that my SUF information took priority, since this was the app that started the merger.


I got the mail but didn’t do anything. Just tried to log into the SUF web site and getting my creds rejected.

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I managed to get in and found an odd bug, in the Wahoo profile, it wants my weight in lbs, I put in 154 but on save, the site updated it to 153.9999. I tried a few other values and all those were un-rounded.

When I got into the Suf account, it asked me my FTP and then gave me a guess at a 4DP profile, but they already have my real 4DP profile. I’m hoping that this hasn’t wiped out my real one.


Wahoo Suff app would not inspire me to subscribe


My annual subscription just renewed so I guess I have some time to see how this pans out, but I must admit to being saddened by this.

The Sufferfest is a known thing, and has a reputation in the cycling community which I love. Watering down the name has the potential to undermine this, the ‘mythos’ of the whole thing and remove much of the fun of the whole community and fictitious nation. I have a strong feeling that many people subscribing to the Wahoo SUF App won’t be that excited about the history, the back story, Knights and Dames etc. and we will lose a lot of what makes this what it is.

I love the app, but don’t use strength or mental toughness so the only other benefit is yoga. I already have an annual subscription to TrainerRoad but the spirit of SUF keeps me here. If that’s lost all I need to do is swap my SUF subscription to Yoga15 and I’ll have the same things available to me, albeit with a very clinical app. Hopefully Sir David is still in a position to guide things like this and we won’t lose a very unique training platform to the corporate need for more profit.


SUF means absolutely nothing. Don’t change a good thing Wahoo! I hope David hasnt been relegated to watching over the red stapler.

And personally, and I know this wont be popular, the Knighthood concept is more intimidating and dividing than the name of the program.

How about we all have some faith and wait what the new year will really bring? :slight_smile: Let‘s put our energy into proper suffering until then.


This gives me an idea for the name of a new SUF video as well as the icon.