Louis Passfield

Not sure if people are aware but sports scientist Louis Passfield has passed away, last Friday evidently. That has come as a real shock to the cycling and fitness world and to anyone including me who has followed him via the internet and the many Youtube and video clips on line not to mention the many appearances on the GCN channel. I am sure that any of us who are familiar with his work would like to offer our condolences to his family and friends. No details have been released but recently he has been posting his live training program on Youtube where he was working to build back his fitness after what looks like to be serious crash on his bike, the last one being just before he passed away. Apparently from that, it appears to have been sudden. Obviously we do not know what happened but when I read stuff like this it does put the wind up me a bit and makes me a bit concerned about the risks of high intensity training particularly if it turns out to be caused by a heart attack, especially in someone younger than me, and in someone very fit and so aware of their body and the limits in which to take it. R.I.P Louis


I have learnt a lot by reading and listening to Louis Passfield.

As an older person (like yourself), I also wonder about the risks of high intensity training, or any road cycling, but there is a huge genetic component here that nobody knows. Think of Jim Fixx, the famous running advocate.

In situations such as this, I think of Julius Caesar’s words in Shakespeare’s play. “Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come."


The passing of Louis leaves me speechlees and I am unable to find the right words.

But Andrea Wooles shares some very respectful and loving memories: Remembering Louis Passfield, “A Cycling Scientist” - Ride Media

Louis, we miss you.


The general consensus of opinion is that Hiit is actually beneficial for everyone no matter how old you are but when you hear of someone who is physically fit dropping dead it does shake you a bit. I know sudden death is quite common in the young adults due to undiagnosed heart problems but normally once someone is over around 35 that doesn’t normally apply. Not sure yet what happened to Louis but apart from an accident I can’t think of what else it could be especially as he was so active which looks like the day before?

I know cases of quick decline, if not quite sudden death with older adults. Close family may know, but to the general public it appears sudden.


Saw this on the GCN show yesterday. I was definitely shocked beyond words. He had such amazing knowledge and insights and great presentation. I learned so much from everything he discussed. I’m stunned at his sudden passing. He will be very much missed. :pensive: