Low volume running with higher volume biking

I have learned over the years that more than 2, maybe 3 runs per week is about all my body can handle. I can handle more bike volume. Any suggestions on how I could modify the multi sport (triathlon) plans to accommodate a reduction of running days? Thanks!

Hello Bfrostie, not knowing your goals or the length of event you are training for makes a response a bit challenging but, in general, you can make some exchanges to fit your needs. I would space your runs out to every second day, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and eliminate the brick sessions, that is unless you are training for a triathlon. If you are training for a triathlon, I recommend keeping one brick session in your schedule each week unless its a recovery week. For your run sessions I encourage you to complete 1 speed workout each week such as 6x 400s. Be sure your getting 3 hard bikes in a week at a minimum and that the intensities during your recovery weeks remain as scheduled. Happy Training!


Can you elaborate on why you can’t do more than 2 or 3 workout a week of running?

I am no coach and talking of experience that can be different for you, running is really stressful for the body and consistency is really important with training load.

I was injuries prone and did some changes to my pre workout routine(added activation yoga and glutes activation) and also added suf strength training to my training plan and some extra workouts for core, glutes and flexibility) Still working on it but on the rigth track since ingury are less present. I had help from a physiotherapist and she really helped me to identify my weaknesses and gradually work on those.

That worked for me but you will need to find what you need to ajust and how to get there. It will take time but at the end it will pay of.:slight_smile:

@Yanick @Coach.Simon.B
I have completed several sprint, Olympic and half iron distance triathlons. The last 3 to 4 years I have been fighting re-occurring calf strains in both legs. I am sure I have weak feet and ankles. In high school (20 years ago) I sprained both ankles a ton while playing basketball and football.

@Yanick, after reading your post I went back and looked at my most recent summer with no injuries and it was the only one that I consistently did strength training. It is something that I do not like doing, but I guess I need to do it and be consistent with it.

Thanks for the replies!

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Hope that it helps you. I also didn’t like strength training but it really helps and adding yoga also helps.

Enjoy your training

I used to do 4-5 days per week of running when I was training for half marathons (with the occasional 5k and 10k). I was good for over a year while I remembered to do my core exercises every week on Wednesdays.

Then I quit doing my core exercises and I would be good for a few months before my back would go out (I had torn a disc in my back . I would have to take 1-2 weeks off and then another week or two to ease back in. I missed one race and had a couple others I had to run more gingerly because of my back. Even when I shifted to only running 3 days a week my back would still go out every few months.

I had about given up on doing regular running or training for any other endurance events when I inherited my back and started training for sprint triathlons. I only run 2 or 3 times per week, but the added swimming really helps with my core strength and has kept me injury free even while training for a full marathon. During the lockdowns I haven’t been able to swim and I can definitely feel the toll it’s taken on my back. I have a hard time staying motivated to do strength work, but I really need to do that until it’s safe to go back to the gym pool.

But, anyway, the point being that strength and core work is an important part of staying healthy while running.

I actually got into triathlons because of running injuries, mine were IT band, sprained ankles and calf pulls. I agree that the lack of swimming has been rough the last year. I would typically swim three times a week.

I signed up for Sufferfest for the strength and yoga. I actually haven’t started any plans because right now I cannot run with any intensity without pulling my calf. I have started the beginner strength plan and done some of the yoga. I am also seeing a doctor shortly, so hopefully I can get it all sorted out so I can get back to training full speed.

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