Magene Trainer ,controllable but not power read

I have subscripted through Sufferfest for years ,but after the merger into SYSTM,when I use Magene T300 trainer. The trainer is controllable under ERG mode(resistance changes across sessions), but the power cannot be shown & record, it shows “- -” in the panel.

Additionally,It works well under RGT and Other apps like ZWIFT ,the problem only occures with WAHOO X.

Contact the minions: Wahoo customer support, they’re really helpful and should be able to help or at least give you an answer.

I had a similar issue when I Bought an Acer Xplova Nova S, turned out that the trainer wasn’t using a standardised Bluetooth protocol, and the dev team needed to write a custom piece of code so the app could read power data, because of the small number of users of that trainer, it wasn’t a high priority, luckily my trainer was under warranty so I returned it and bought a different model, a JetBlack Volt that’s worked perfectly ever since.