Power from StagesBike and ERG not working

After updating Sufferfest to Systm, the power is not displaying on the app and thus the ERG mode does not function. This is despite displaying the RPM. When pairing devices, the bike shows up as it did before, but now I can only get power and the ERG mode to work if I pair it with the left crank arm. I floored troubleshooting steps of updating firmware using the Stages Power app and the bike displays power on the Stages link app. This is maddening. Anyone from Wahoo know what is going on?

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That sounds super frustrating. Have you contacted support directly?



I have the exact same problem. Sent the menions a note. So you are not alone.

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Happened to me as well but with different trainer. Only showing Erg control but not showing power

Ditto – I’m experiencing this as well. I was able to get things to work more or less as expected by paring power and cadence to the left crank arm power meter. Wonder if this this a Stages issue or a Wahoo issue?

Same issue with the Stages Bike

I’m having same issue with my Magene T300. It is controllable under ERG mode by BLE but not working as power source. I can’t see my watts number.