Manually set wattage

Is there a way to set a certain wattage in ERG mode and have the Kickr just maintain it for a period of time?


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There are open workouts in the videos/workouts tab. They have set times like 15, 30, 40, 45, 60, 120 so if one does not quite fit then just pick one that is longer and cut it short (or move the time dot forward, when paused, so the remaining time is set to the length of the workout you would like to do).

They default to 65% of your ftp but you can then vary the intensity up or down to get the wattage number you would like to train at.

You then have a flat erg controlled workout where if you vary your cadence the erg mode will adjust the resistance to keep your wattage constant.


as above, or you could also use the Wahoo Fitness app and set the wattage you’d like to keep your Kickr at there. Just be sure to toggle trainer control off on the SUF app while you’re doing that and you should still be able to see your output on screen. This way you can watch/do any workout vid you’d like, you just won’t be hitting the workout targets.


In Sufferfest I would just do a free ride and then adjust the +/- setting to obtain the required value.
What would be really nice is a workout builder, but I think that’s been planned for a long time already. I don’t know when it is ever going to appear.
If you’re on a computer you can download Golden Cheetah and design workouts. It’s clunky but free. Pretty sure you can also do it with Garmin bike computers, but haven’t tried.

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