MAP >90%max HR Plateau

Dear Wahooligans, i need your help once more.

I’m now on the End of year one structured training.
I hit a MAP/Vo2max Plateau really quick after 2-3 months of training. I think its because of a Iron deficiency/ anemia. After supplementing i’m feeling like a new human.

FTP is around 280w/4,2w/kg and there was not much change the last months, but my Endurance gains were good.

I can hit and hold higher HR than one year ago, but the power to HR hasn’t change at all/ worsened in testing/HIT.

I’m now training with my uncle and can compare our HR/power in different workouts.

My uncle long distance triathlet started here one week ago and hit is new max heart rate in 14VG with 19min >90%HR.
Last time i did it i got 80sec >90% HR.

That was an eye opener, that i’m doing something wrong and i need help with this.

@TimoK Heart rate can vary at times based on a lot of external factors - hydration, sleep schedule, overall fatigue, external stressors, etc. It can also be a sign of over training. I am tagging @Coach.Spencer.R and @Coach.Andy.T to the extent they may have something to add.

Also you can schedule a call with a coach to discuss these types of issues:


90% of my Max HR is my CTHR which for me is 136 bpm which is around what you should be able to hold for at least a 20 min FTP test. What sort of % of max HR did you have when you did your FTP test?


All Time Max HR is 196
In HM i hit 188 to 194 with 194 beeing the last one with 2% less power than the last half year. But its also warmer.
~174 is my CTHR and >180 is my pain HR.

Longer duration are working good.
2h @ 245w norm 87%
4h40 @ 222w norm 79%

MAP/VO2Max is stagnating/getting worse.

Edit: I’m respecting Restweeks and Restdays and did one MAP Block in Spring, now on Gran Fondo Plan.


Maybe do the MAP building block?

How much endurance riding, hours a week, are you doing. Cycling is an endurance sport, there’s a limit to how fit HIIT can get you without the hours of endurance riding to build a base.


Around 8-12h and 3-4 in restweeks.
I’m now at 253h so 8,3/week with 2-3 weeks at 0 because of covid and a cold.
Endurance is about 5-8h.
My Fatmax is/was quite bad, but increased noticeably. I need lots of carbs on long fast rides.

I was also thinking about increasing Zone 2 Volume, but was worried about overtraining especially with this kind of tiredness and fatique after the rides. (e.g. 4h Zone 2)

My leg muscles did grow (0-100😂) and everything else did get better, but because of the MAP Plateau i’m worried.

Hey @TimoK ,
Sorry you are not progressing the way you want. Did you get diagnosed with an iron deficiency from a physician? When was the last time you had a complete physical w/bloodwork? In order to give you some solid answers, I’d have many more questions regarding training, nutrition, stress, changes in health status (covid is a biggie). For general training information, I suggest perusing the podcasts and check out the pertinent topics. For more specific information , you may want to explore what @JSampson suggested.
Once you rule out any health issues then you can focus on training.