HM: wrong cTHR, what about FTP?

My HR went a few beats lower than my usual max during ramp part. That happens, life, no problem.
Yet that ended up with cTHR drop by 10 bpm which was not correct(*).
I wonder, how that affected FTP assessment. Was it ok, even though HR range for endurance part was lower than it should have been?

(*) HF always estimates lower cTHR than FF for me. Moreover, I feel very comfortable with the HR zones from my latest FF (Feb 22nd); my heart fits HR zones of workouts pretty well.
BTW, funny thing is that both HM’s MAP and FTP results are the same as my last FF results (with 1W difference actually). While I am not sure about FTP, I am convinced that MAP is ok, as that current value leave me wasted after MAP blocks.

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Same here. Did a mountain climb the day after Primers. cTHR went up by 10.

What is your HR zones based on the talk test and heavy breathing?
Those are real biological markers as opposed to the HR settings based on the HM and FF modeling.

Biological markers seem to work too (at least as far as I can tell) . That is what I meant by comfortable. I didn’t delve into it as what I am interested in is: can FTP by HM be reliable when cTHR by the same HM is wrong (for whatever resson)?

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