MAP Progression and cadence

Somehow this is my first time doing the MAP Progression series in a couple years of using Suff/Wahoo. It‘s hard but damn fun.

In the MAP workouts the target cadence is 90, which is a proper generic cadence (not meaning that in a negative way). In order to mix it up, I‘ve been doing sets above 100 and then down in the 60s, with a couple in the mid-80s as my „normal“ cadence.

Any reason for me not to ride the sets this way? I‘m not currently training for any specific event (Suff/Wahoo during the week and riding outside on weekends). When I climb I‘m a bit of a „masher“ so the 60 cadences actually feel great :blush:, but again, I‘m just training for general fitness right now.




I’m curious to hear the answers. From a non-coach, non-sport scientist, rank amateur, I see that as a way to stay engaged in what you’re doing and unless you are specifically given guidance not to fiddle with cadence, I’d say WTH not?

Pretty sure I have done similar things on long indoor endurance rides just to break up the monotony.


I am doing the MAP progression as well ( brand new rider also doing for gen fitness ) this month I am doing MAP prog one twice a week ( MAP was weakness on my 4dp ) but when I am doing the progression, really I never paid that much attention the cadence so far, just trying to keep up my power in the prescribed number … the only time I find cadence awkward is in between intervals all of a sudden, it gets all too easy to pedal for me… I can gear down but the time in between is too short to worth it really and is only problem first 10-15 seconds… now I will pay attention to cadence bit more

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You could include workouts in the flavour of Big Gear Low Cadence and or Tempo Alternating/Varying Cadence sessions in addition/supplementing to the current MAP workouts you are doing. Saves you manipulating your workouts and getting what you are after, varying cadence :person_shrugging:t3: