Tempo cadence build 1x45-help

Hi, I am new to indoor cycling just got bought wahoo after shoulder op. I’ve set up a training plan recently and completed a 4d test, I have been enjoying and everything is going well but today I completed the 1x45 tempo cadence build and it just felt really easy and boring. My heart rate didn’t go into the zones, I was hitting the power and cadence but felt like my legs where spinning to fast, I tried changing gears but thought the whole point of erg is i don’t need to. Also my TSS/IF was only 50/0.65 and says on the banner of the vid 89/0.71? Can anyone advise as I just didn’t feel like the workout did very much, I feel like a have something set wrong? I had it set at 100 percent on the setting.

It sounds like the trainer is changing resistance with the changing workout targets? Just worth confirming that first.

My 2nd thought is that you may have sand bagged the 4DP test. Its not an easy test to ride correctly, particularly if youre not used to training to power and riding an indoor trainer. As you are new to riding indoors, I’d recommend doing the Fitness Prep plan that has Half Monty mid week and then Full Frontal (4DP) at the end of the week. Half Monty is a much easier test, and will give you a better idea of your 5min and 20min power ahead of redoing the 4DP test.

And then finally, a lot of the plans do start with some easier workouts and build you up progressively. A tempo workout is not particularly challenging, its essentially just above your “ride all day” endurance pace. These easier workouts are still targeting specific fitness adaptations.

Hope that helps.


Hi, thanks. I don’t think i sandbagged the test as it killed me😂. Maybe it was just an easy ride and I was expecting it to be harder. I’ll bare with and see what the week brings.

Let us know how it goes. :grin: or have a go at 9 Hammers and let us know how that feels.


Or for a different type of fun try the Omnium. Let us know how that feels.

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