Mid Plan Progress

Hi everyone,

I know this is a person to person case, but I am wondering if there is an expected progress during week 7 half monty test of an all purpose training plan.

I am currently doing an advanced all purpose road plan with strength training. Yesterday I did the Half Monty test as requested during week 7 and had a +7 and +5 watts in MAP and FTP being 3% and 2.9% improvement respectively; I would like to have an idea of how good a progress this is. LTHR went a bit down but I am not surprised as I only had time to do the test at night and I find my HR just lags behind when the sun goes down.

An interesting remark here is that since I started the plan strava’s algorithm says I have been loosing form! Yes I was riding harder and longer but that also meant training only in two HR zones: Z4 and Z5; should I ignore this feedback?


If you’re following the Sufferfest training plan, and respecting it’s instructions (recovery when recovery is needed…) I’d say stick to it , and as you see in the HM test you’re improving. As for wether you’re improving too little or too much that is a very individual question. folowing article states:
“A steady increase is ideal, but don’t expect big leaps. Simon Marshall, author of The Brave Athlete, says a 2.5 percent increase in FTP in a training cycle (around 6 to 8 weeks) is a good power increase.”


Also if you use strava try also using intervals.icu it will help you analyze things

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It’s very individual, depends on what level you are at, your goals, training plan and so on. If you’re improving I’d take that as a win regardless and press on.