Missing sessions in a plan: Unforgivable or...?

I have read (and understand) that the plans assume 80% or so compliance, meaning missing one here and there is, well, ‘intended’ as part of the plan…

BUT – the idea of missing something on the plan seems unforgivable. Floggable. Not right.

Is this just me? I feel bad for even contemplating the notion! Do others feel this way?

PS: I may shift around the days in the week to accomodate life. But no missed sessions!

Hi, please have a look at the following articles and forum posts.

I hope they will already answer your question. Otherwise feel free to report back and we work on this question a bit more.

Thank you.


I rarely miss a session either. I also think that while there is an assumption that compliance is 80%, it isn’t intended that you miss 20% either. You probably should do your best to nail every session, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to miss a session due to work/family/life/fatigue.


The knowledge in those posts above is awesome. I’m going to bookmark this thread and then remind myself to re-read it regularly. I have a problem respecting rest, and much more easily add load than I do remove load. I can see that’s not sustainable.

My main sport is marathon paddling, so when I do a SUF plan, it is added to my normal paddling load. So, right now doing a MAP block (hard! on fresh FF numbers), as well as my weekly paddling… Then, along comes the step-up challenge (or equivalent) and I add that too.

I really do need to respect rest and properly learn how to build it across multiple disciplines. I reckon I’m wearing myself out a bit here.

@Pierre You have just about covered this. One other thing: If you find that you are ‘missing’ sessions quite often, you might want to consider a custom plan…