Missing weekend late in Training Plan

Hi everyone,

I am in week 10 of my all-purpose road plan (with strength, MT, and yoga). I have to travel this weekend and there’s no way to complete those workouts. I know that missing the odd workout here or there isn’t that big a deal, but missing these seems a little more consequential: the plans add chronic training stress gradually and it seems the whole point is to get you to these last couple weeks and absorb the strain of those workouts to unlock gains. This weekend would have been It Seemed Like Thin Air (Mash-Up) and G.O.A.T. To try and account for the missed time and get to the same spot, I was thinking of pushing the rest of my plan back a week. That would leave this coming week empty, and I would fill it with some workouts that resemble this past week (Fight Club, Who Dares, Cadence Drills and Strength training). Does that make sense, or is it a horrible idea? I’m totally open to other ideas or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!