Skipping vs. Delaying a Workout

For those of us who have almost complete control over our schedule, if we miss a workout, would it be better to push the plan out a day, or just skip the workout?

Have a read of this article, see if you find your answer

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Thank you for the reference.

I should have been clearer in formulating my question. I was not referring to skipped workouts due to illness.

The article seems to be assuming that you are training for an event, and therefore the schedule is fixed. That is why it tells you not to beat yourself up about the missed session. If your endpoint is not fixed, what is wrong with just resuming the plan where you left off? The article does not seem to consider that possibility (unless the missed day was a rest day anyway).

I am not asking about the situation where you miss an extended amount of time, however you would define that.

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Without a fixed end date you can certainly pick up a missed workout the next day. The problem generally comes from trying to cram too much in a short time, thereby creating too much of a load and setting yourself up for trouble down the road.

With that said, if you are on some sort of schedule, ie, group ride on weekends or such you may just want to move on.

I would probably skip it just to save the hassle of moving the whole plan forward a day.

I would Double up the next day - depending on the rest of the schedule for the week. You essentially granted yourself a day off. Double down and grow :wink:

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To my understanding, you can delete the training plan and reapply it, making the end date the required number of days in the future. Your existing workouts should remain on the calendar.

Let us say you had a 12 week plan with a workout every day with one rest day (72 workouts). Even if you had to move half of them, taking maybe 3 seconds each to move, that is about a minute and a half total. Surely that is less suffering, than one effort/recovery of Revolver? :slight_smile:

Thank you.