Illness during training plan

Hi everyone,

Looking for advice from coaches or those with plenty of training plans under their belts. I received my second vaccine shot on Saturday and was knocked on my back yesterday (and am still recovering today). I am going into the fifth week of the intermediate all-purpose plan (with strength, you, and MTP). I was feeling fine on Saturday and so got my workout in then (the bat). Sunday was a different story. Based on my reading here, I think the guidance will just be to move on. However, because this coming week is an “off” week and because the ride I missed was one of the few longer rides (2.5 hrs of 4x8 tempo), I’m tempted to squeeze it in during this week. Is that a terrible idea?

Thanks in advance!

Just missing one ride is not going to significantly alter your fitness. However, overtraining by trying to squeeze in an extra workout would be more likely to do more harm than good. Better to skip it. Recovery is more important than trying to make up a missed workout.

I agree with @emacdoug . Don’t worry about skipping the ride. Concentrate on your recovery, both from the vaccine and the training load you’ve accumulated.

I think I heard an interview with Neal Henderson ( say that expected plan compliance is in the 80% range, and missing a single workout is not a big deal. If it becomes a pattern, then it’s more of a problem. And when you miss a workout because of how you’re feeling (as opposed to mechanical issues or weather) then it’s even more OK to just skip it and move on.

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Do you have a goal that is a fixed amount of time?
If it is only a few days delay, you could simply resume from where you left off.

Thanks to all for the responses! I agree that it’s probably best not to overdo it and so will likely just skip it. I do also like the idea of picking up where I left off, but don’t know if there’s an easy way to shift the whole plan forward just a day or two. Or would I manually adjust each day/workout as I went along?

Here is what you need to do. Delete your current plan, your existing workouts will remain.

Then reapply the plan with the end date delayed by the appropriate amount.