How to best plan esport racing?

Thanks for a great product, the whole Sufferfest!
I used to compete about ten years ago, and 12kg ago….
But training with Sufferfest and Zwift since december really fit my lifestyle now.

A question.
How do I plan for a Zwift crit season the best way?
I want to use 4DP as my test protocol, and do my structured training on Sufferfest. Then race 1-2 times a week on Zwift.
At the moment I’m doing 12w esport plan after my 4DP, with mental, yoga and strength.

I’ve tried to search for how to best plan my structured training around the racing, but no luck.
Could you guide me to a place for me to do a deep dive in the subject?

Welcome to the forum, @Lars150.

First off: I’m not a coach and only speak from my own limited experience. Please consider my reply as a conversation starter, spitballing some ideas, and not as de-facto advice.

How flexible are you with the events you want to take part in?
You always have the option to substitute some Sufferfest workouts for your races.

Workouts in question for the switch would be “higher demand” workouts like Attacker, Violator, etc.
You should not do this with Cadence Drills, Recovery Spins, Inspirational Rides, etc.

Be careful with your trainingload and try listening to your body. It’s better to skip a session than to overdo it.

Another option would be to consider a customized plan:
Talk to the coaches and they will set up a tailor made plan for your goals, races and time constraints.

If you want to explore this option further, have a look at the following link:

PS: I hope you already know; You can never leave! :blush:


Hey there,

As mentioned by Pierre, switching out a hard session for an Erace is an option that should keep the overall training stress for the week the same. So avoiding a big build up of fatigue as this is easy to do with Eraces from personal experience.

A customised plan is another option so we can tailor your training specifically to include Eraces, and taper towards key races you may be targeting especially high results in (WTRL league for example). I have created customised plans for Eracers on the Sufferfest so it’s certainly something we could do for you.

Hope that helps


Thanks for your input, yeah it might be that simple just to switch a hard workout to the race.

I’m a bit concerned that I might not develop my 4DP strength/weaknesses in that case, but on the other hand will I develop race specific qualities. And that’s certainly needed.

I will finish the plan I’m on, and from there I might go for a personal plan.
Thanks for all the input!

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