Month Training Program?

Hi Everyone,
Brand new to Sufferfest. All the people I know use Zwift but it just seems a little too social for me. I want to hit it hard, quick, and be done with it. I’m home visiting my parents for a month and my old man has a smart trainer. Are there any specific programs that are based around a month duration? I don’t have a smart trainer at my actual home. Any insight or advice would be extremely helpful before I get started! I’ve been riding for a few years, I believe I’ve clocked around 3,200 miles so far this year.


There are a bunch.

The Special Focus plans are typically 4 weeks, so that gives you options such as “Speed demon” for Criterium racing training, “Volcano Climbing” which is more focused on climbing style efforts, then there are building blocks which can be 3 or 4 weeks depending on your choice for focusing on improving FTP, MAP, AC/NM or working at Tempo.


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I generally get dropped on the hills with my group so I’ll start with that one!


Hey @Minime – Welcome to SUF! It would be good to do our Full Frontal fitness test – that will give you your full power profile as well as your strengths/weaknesses…which should provide some insight into why you’re getting dropped on those climbs. Plus, once you’ve done that, the app will tailor the plans to your profile so that you can build on your strengths while addressing your weaknesses.