Push Systm Schedule to Training Peaks

The Systm calendar sucks and thats ok.

I understand Wahoo is going through budget issues right now, and I’m here for that.

All I’d like is the ability to “push” workouts to Training Peaks so I could further plan my training, do workout notes, scheduling, etc.

I don’t even care if the push is perfect or complete. Just a simple title and duration would be fantastic. Not even description matters. Pushing the TSS would just be icing on the cake.

TrainerDay, Trainer Road, Strava and more can do it and Tapariik works with Zwift, Garmin, and a ton of other programs if sharing is not program native. I can’t see why Systm is not able to allow calender sharing in any capacity when literally every other program can.

Please please please. :pray:

Thank you.


@Joshua Try the browser extension tool.

You’re awesome! Is there any way to make it a whole calendar dump over a period of time (say 4 weeks at a time) or is it only possible to do 1 workout at a time?

@Joshua I haven’t used it in a while but believe it is only one workout each day as they probably don’t want there entire workout catalog to be easily movable from the platform.


Gotcha, thank you for your help!

As an aside, I checked with TrainerRoad technical support and they did say the entire workout calendar could be exported to Google Calendar or whatever calendar app you’d like to use. However, they are only able to export the workouts with the next two days to Training Peaks.

I don’t agree with the TR training philosophy and it’s not a software I would encourage (who in their right mind does a 5:1 training plan :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) but I just wanted to correct my statement on the functionality of the software as I was partially incorrect in my first post here.

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I have your extension for chrome, but when I download the .fit workout file and try to upload it to training peaks as a workout I get the following message: "“No workouts found in this file”. You know what’s up with that? Cheers.

@veloricky Apologies - I only exported to RGT but from this post it looks like you can get to TP via a .zwo file.

Ooh that’s me! TrainerDay has since made pushing to TrainingPeaks a part of their paid offering, so it’s no longer free.

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5:2 here - but I have very few remaining neurons left so I’m definitely not in my right mind :rofl::rofl:


What about your left? As we age, the ratio of recovery becomes higher. But this looks like a great thing as you are still getting the greatest level of benefit, for you.

My coach regularly drops a 5:1 block on me. It’s tough but totally doable. Week 1 of the new block is always super easy if he does this tho.


Wow now I feel dumb. I suppose 5:1 5:2 and 7:3 could all be viable training patterns. :melting_face:


They could, but I suspect it depends entirely on what you’re training for, your level of fitness, and you as an individual. 3:1 suits me best, being female, but sometimes it gets switched up. I have some 2:1 blocks as well.