Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo results

I’ve just completed this plan on intermediate level with added beginner yoga, beginner strength and mental toughness. I did nearly all of the indoor rides but probably only around half of the outdoor rides for various reasons (life, COVID, my event being cancelled). I added a Half Monty in week 6 because I was smashing all of my workouts.

Overall I found the plan awesome and saw the following gains:
NM +111
AC +9
MAP +29
FTP +23

In addition:
Weight -3kg
VO2 max (from my Garmin) +5

I’m surprised by the NM increase because the plan mainly focuses on FTP. I think the strength work made a big difference, plus doing the cadence builds (in the past I’ve tended to skip those sessions) and possibly just getting better at the test.

I highly recommend this plan! :grinning:


@bukharin Thanks for the update - I am definitely looking to do the Grand Fondo plan in the spring after the tour.

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@bukharin Nice!!!

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That plan was on my radar to start in April to prepare me for an event (that I hope will still be happening) at the beginning of July. Your endorsement of it helps me look forward to it with confidence.

If my event gets cancelled, the focus on FTP should still be useful as I will fall back on my club TT’s. It’s winter where I am right now and we are in total COVID lockdown but I expect we’ll be allowed to repeat our TT series that we ran last year; all with social distancing and other safety measures.

I’ve never been terribly interested in TT’s before, but when it’s the only competitive option my perspective changes.

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Just wondering if the volume would be enough for me, I’m scheduled for a GF in August that’s 130 miles and 11,700 feet of climbing.

@sbrault Check out this thread with Coach Suzie’s input to another question. Her suggestion may help you get both the mileage and climbing you will need for your event:

Long Road Back

Thank you!

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