Mt Sufferlandria

My nemesis, ISLTA thrashed me to a pulp today within 45 mins. I stopped for a few mins, downed a gel I was keeping for later, swallowed some electrolyte drink and tried to get going again but could barely turn the pedals, dialled it down 5%, then another 5% Got just past the hour mark with a cadence of about 30 then dialled it down from 145 watts (tempo effort) to 90 watts and it did not make any difference, My HR was 120 so plenty of spare capacity there, not breathing hard, but legs felt like the last 10 secs of the 1 min in FF .Ground away for a while before climbing off with an hour to go.Head and tail between my legs. Yes I did go in fresh and rested, hit 180 on recent cad builds, so can pedal faster, but not today


Your story is inspiring :joy:

Not sure I’ve ever completed that one sir. Well
Done on getting as far as you did !!