MTB Season Prep comparison

I’m wondering if any of the coaches could offer some specific comparisons between the MTB Season prep between the Enduro and Marathon options? If someone just wants to gain strength, stability, and focus on short explosive efforts, is Enduro the right choice? I haven’t studied the two plans side by side to really look at the composition and breakdown of NM/AC/MAP/FTP workout time or focus, but it would be interesting to do. I mostly want to get fit while getting stronger, so I chose Marathon. Though really, I just ride through the local parks in more of an Enduro style where there are breaks, but occasional bouts of trying to rip it down or up a hill. Of course, yes, I included strength! That is the highlight, really, for me.

@jtroll I am on the offseason marathon plan that includes strength which is what I did last season and it worked well. I generally race in the XC to marathon distance and my outdoor rides are about the same. In my view either plan would work but Enduro is probably more targeted toward your specific goals. Definitely think about integrating some additional strength - whether the SYSTM vids or your own weight work - as it will go a long way.

While I don’t have any specific number or percentage breakdowns for you, I can say that the Enduro plans were created with more of a short, explosive power emphasis, with enough aerobic sessions to build and maintain endurance. I think both plans will do the job, but the enduro should have more workouts incorporating the short explosive efforts.
Hope that helps and you enjoy the plans, whichever you choose!