XC mtb 12 week plan - what next? (training for mtb enduro)

Hi guys, I’m just about to complete my first SUF training plan (12 week pre-season xc mtb plan), which I’ve done to generally raise my fitness for enduro-style riding. I’ve done the program in combination with 2-3 sessions per week in the gym to work mainly on upper body and core strength (and to rehab my right shoulder which got smashed in april -20 along with the rib cage, collabone etc.).

When I started the xc mtb plan I chose “intermediate” level, but the option of having levels doesn’t seem to be available anymore in the app?

I’m now looking at what should come next after I’ve completed my plan. Is there anyone with similar training goals that have any tips regarding appropriate training plans? I’ve enjoyed the xc mtb plan and can feel the benefits but would happily consider other options :slight_smile: My training goal is to be strong on c. 5 min (MAP) efforts but have the endurance to keep going for long climbs and trail rides inbetween the more intense efforts of blasting downhill. I also ride road (usually up to max. about 4 hours) for training and fun.


After the tour I will be doing the In-Season XC Plan followed by the Volcano Plan. The in-season plan is fairly new and this will be my first time with it. The Volcano Plan will definitely help you with your MAP and climbing.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile: The in-season xc mtb plan looks interesting a bit later on when riding outside is possible (right now we’re in the depths of cold and snowy winter here). I’ll defo take a look the Volcany Plan!

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yeah i think you could really do fine with any of the standard SUF plans, if you’re into enduro. Other than things like the gravel grinder plans, they generally tend to privilege intensity over pure volume, which should let you get fit while also leaving you time and energy left over to do your strength and mobility work (important for your discipline).

I would basically do

  1. pick a plan that doesn’t have so much riding that you’re too tired for strength
  2. lay an intermediate or advanced strength training plan over the top
  3. throw in yoga whenever you have the time (that balance, core strength and flexibility is key)
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