Muscle fever one day before hillclimb race: what can I do?


I have a local hillclimb time trial race tomorrow and I did a huge mistake during my commute yesterday: without warm-up I went too hard on a climb + I wore a mask just for testing how I can ride in that.

The result: muscle fever in my legs.

I did a “SUF: Recovery Spin” in the morning but is there anything more what I can do? (I mean food, special lotions, etc…?)

Thanks if anyone could help me.

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Hey @akosk ,
Not much more you can do. Just make sure you are properly hydrated, fueled and light massage. You could also try some compression and elevation.
Good luck with your hillclimb tomorrow.


Thank you very much for your help. I have been trying all what you suggested. (+In a nutrition shop I was told L-Glutamine could help too.)

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