My Honor Glory and Victory, plus special Announcement.. 😉

Hello everyone!

Although I’ve only just joined the forums, I actually first moved to Sufferlandia 4 years ago.

Back then, I was subjected to my first examination by the Minions Rubber Gloves, and as a then new cyclist, and brand new to indoor training, my FTP started out at 233w.

Over the years I’ve completed many of the plans and videos, getting stronger and fitter.

At the start of this winter season, with an FTP of 274w, the goals were to follow the 12 week advanced road program and hope to get the FTP up as close to 300w as possible, then make it through the Tour as close too maximum effort, for as long as possible…

Victory! I did the training plan replacing week 11 with the Tour and made it through the all the way at Nuclear level!

Post tour, I’ve followed week 12 of the plan, and the 4DP test is complete and the results are in…

By the skin of my teeth, I’ve made it to 300w on my FTP! I’m extremely pleased with that!

So what’s next… :wink:

We’ll it has to be doesn’t it… Time to do the Knighthood!

So to officially announce, I’ll be kicking off the Knighthood plan as of tomorrow, with the aim of storming the castle on Saturday 27th March.

Wish me luck! :grin:



Sounds awesome, mate. Congratulations and good luck!

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You’re Killin’ it Chris!

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We’re on almost the same schedule! I’ll be making my attempt on April 2!

Good luck and keep suffering!


Good luck, I’ll of course post on the day and let you know how I go.

I haven’t yet sorted my videos or order. Have you?

Goat is a favourite so thinking of sticking that in at the magical #7 slot! :grin:

I’m not on Facebook so haven’t got access to any chatter in there, but have started reading up past articles in the forum.

Looking forward to it! (Let’s see how I feel half way through though!) :joy:

Thank you Pierre :+1:

Cheers Training wheels :+1:

Definitely haven’t picked videos yet… I need to find a solid chunk of time to really dig in!

Nice job on the increase in FTP! As for the quest:

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Congrats! You and I have insanely similar physiology! In fact when I first took the test and it said I am a time trialist, I said, “well, duh” as those are the races I do best in. Keep up the great work :clap::clap:

Thanks Glen!

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Cheers Otoman.

This is the first time I’ve come out as a time trialist - the previous 3 or 4 goes at Full Frontal I’ve always been a Sprinter!

Brilliant Chris, oddly for me since starting sufferfest about 18 months ago it’s my sprint power that’s blown up to 1300 watts, ftp takes time! well done!


Congrats and good luck.:four_leaf_clover:
Will try to pave the way for you, plan is to start March 20th

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:+1: Good luck Phoenix

Wow! 4 years of pursuing a goal like this is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Lloyd :+1: