My take so far

I’m getting a lot from Systm so far - a few weeks in - the workouts seem good and helpful.

  • What I would like, content wise, is more helpful and less inane printed commentary. There is some helpful commentary but really not much, so far - I’d prefer nothing at all to the inanities, but something actually useful would be… useful. What is the workout doing here, what’s it getting me? What’s expected? don’t forget form , keep those knees in plane, you might want to try (whatever) , your breathing should be… etc etc.

  • When I make the display compact - get rid of the video area - the bar with all the feedback moves to the middle of what was the video area and interferes with the text that shows there, which I want to see, despite my comment above - The feedback area should stay put at the bottom.

  • I’d like a ‘favorites’ area to park workouts I’d like to do again, rather than have to deal with the entire library.

cheers, pg


Good thoughts - and we’re all different in our likes/dislikes.

  • you can turn off the storyline in the “display” settings of the videos.

  • when you make the display compact (I’m assuming on a laptop?), you can adjust the graph and metrics anywhere you want on the screen, and again, you can turn off the commentary in the settings.

  • “favorites” is definitely a good idea. I would also like the library to be “sticky”, so if I’m selecting multiple workouts over a week the filters and lists stay the same until I change them, rather than reset to default each time.

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Regarding the favorites workouts there is a feature request (seems many people would like to see this happen, including me) → Ability to add favorite workouts.

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Welcome to the party!
This is the next workout for you :stuck_out_tongue:


I respect your opinion, but do not agree. The inane stuff is keeping me entertained and is one of the main reasons to that I enjoy the Sufferfest videos.

If you prefer the advice in the videos, you’d love Elements of Style and Tapers and probably a bunch of The NoVid workouts. They focus on the technique and provide helpful info.

The GCN ones give good commentary and explanations as well.



Right, thanks, I am suggesting making the commentary more helpful so I am not tempted to turn it off.

Clearly, there needs to be a new settings entry-

Yep, indeed, and that is what I do - just pointing out that the way it works by default is not very good.

Edit: Ok, I will revise my inanity stance - keep it if you must, but give us something more substantial as well - useful info is far more entertaining, and you know, useful, than pretend big boy talk. I mean, I did not know that about Tomme des Pyrenees…




Definitely agree with this :+1:


There are many here that would be very upset if the “inane commentary” was removed. But that commentary exists in The Sufferfest channel.

Granted it can be a bit much for newer citizens. But the appeal of the platform started with a niche product that was created to make indoor training both productive and enjoyable.

The humor and the intensity of the workouts was, and is, very effective at keeping me motivated. It sticks with me too. When tempted with donuts, when tempted to back off outdoors. “Sufferlandrians don’t quit”.

There’s a huge community of “Sufferlandrians” that helped make the platform what it is today. And plenty of other content for those who prefer more civilized workouts.

See this thread for just one example of the loyalty and the expectations of the community. That said, the inanity will most likely remain.


Another aspect of Sufferlandria was and is the fact that they have licensed footage of pro races. In both the Sufferfest channel and Pro Rides, you find yourself in a Pro Peloton racing against the best in the world. That would never happen for me IRL, so it’s welcome.

And it’s a better experience for me than virtual worlds or climbing a mountain solo and so slow in another platform.


We love all feedback! It’s how we get better :slight_smile: Really appreciate you taking the time to share this here @pGolay

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Yes! Check out the new Santos Festival series of ProRides. Truly gripping there, as you get thrown into the races.

Wait until you see the things we have coming though!!


Looking forward to getting thrown into it!
The one in the front pretty relaxed and on the radio, the one in the back apparently not so much :sweat_smile:

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My request: I’d like to be able to turn off the subtitles on the Inspiration videos. Obviously keep them as an option, but for films shot in languages I speak I don’t need subtitles and they’re an irritating distraction.

And an observation: if the video has no soundtrack and you suggest listening to music while doing it (e.g. the cadence drill Sufferfest workout), don’t then tack a film on to the end of the video. You can’t hear the video for the music, and vice versa.

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