MyWhoosh - anyone given it a try?

Anyone dipped their curious toes into this new platform?

I have it quick look on my dirty machine (as we all know I’m a bit paranoid about security), which is a old i5 with a 1080Ti, installation process is very basic (download and unzip), you could mistake it for a early version of Zwift, it has very similar options and and workout builder, hit freeride and it blew up with out of graphics memory

Machine cleaned and won’t be trying again

I wouldn’t be suprised if Zwifts legal team aren’t looking at this already (not that I’ve seen the game, just the ui)

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I’m locked into RGT, but I’ve just downloaded MyWhoosh and will play around with it on my tablet the next time I ride indoors.

I’m not interested in switching services, but I do like to know what’s happening in the world of fitness technology. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time in Arabia. It’ll be fun to ride around in their virtual Bahrain and Dubai.

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What you describe @PedalMonkey makes me curious to go and look. I don’t ride in virtual worlds (Zwift not RGT) but thought it interesting for those that do what their thoughts on it are. One doesn’t have to change services @AlexEllermann as many have other services as supplementary to SYSTM as their training app. Post your comments after you have played around on it.

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Once, If I have to do a switch, I’ll change over to Rouvy.

and MyWhoosh → Emirates → NO GO!


Thought I would leave a ‘professional’ reviewers review without the personal external noise.

seems to imply there is Wahoo Direct Connect support too (the icon next to Bluetooth)
This comment above by DC in his review, any truth to the implication he makes @David.McQuillen.KoS @Cody.Moore?

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I tried MyWhoosh today. Basically, it’s Arabian Zwift - but with fewer cyclists on the roads.

Out if interest, do you Zwift as part of your cycling foray? If so, would you go into/add the Bahrain desert?

Before RGT got rolled into Wahoo, I ran Zwift in the background as a way to glue multiple SYSTM workouts together and to record the efforts from SYSTM beta workouts.

Now that we have RGT, I’ve let my Zwift subscription lapse. I can use RGT to do the things I needed Zwift to do.

I very rarely ride indoors during the warm weather months, btw. I live in a particularly beautiful place, and I think of winter as training season and summer as “enjoy the outdoors” season.

All that said, I’ve deleted MyWhoosh from my iPad. It doesn’t offer anything I can’t get anywhere else, and I have no particular fondness for Arabia. If the app were to offer other locations, such as the rumored Colombia or Belgium, I’d take another look.


I tried to use it on my Windows PC I use for training, but it failed due to a DirectX issue at which point I shrugged and deleted it. I welcome more competition though, as it can push the market even further - potentially.

Wanted to give MyWhoosh a try, but my 2nd gen iPad Pro isn’t supported. They require new iPhones and iPads with A12 Bionic chip.