Need Help from Former or Current Rouvy Users

I got a promotion deal for a month of Rouvy for a $0.01 so I thought I’d give it a look as a supplement to SYSTM/RGT.

During my first two rides, I have encountered same situation. On downhill grades -3 percent or more, I get little or no resistance while pedaling. I have the bike on the big chain ring and smallest cog in the back. I am operating in Time Trial mode. In Just Ride mode there is a reality level, but it doesn’t seem like a viable solution. If I increase this level it increases load on both uphills and downhills. In RGT, I use the setting to create a virtual larger chain ring.

Any thoughts?

Hi @dmgadry61, I use Rouvy quite regularly. I am sorry but I do not understand your question (maybe because English is not my native language). If you ride in sim mode (not in workout) and you are going downhill, you can even stop pedalling (power = 0 W) and still your Rouvy avatar will move forward, just like in real life.

Confession - I apologize to my Sufferfest/Systm mates for my regular infidelity with Rouvy. :innocent:



I think you basically answered my question. I was wondering if coasting was an option. Based on my groupset, when downhills were above a certain percentage, I could generate little or no power even in my lowest gear. I guess a higher cadence would would be the only way to exceed the speed generated by the downhill inertia.

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I assume that you’ve input your weight correctly? If you’ve “reverse weight doped” i.e. made yourself much heavier than in reality you might be able to roll downhill very fast!

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My weight is entered correctly. I have turned off auto pause and when necessary, just coast.


A separate question regarding Rouvy. I can see all activities completed logged on the website, but when reviewing routes for future rides it appears only routes ridden on that particular device show a completed status. (eg rides ridden on iPad do not show ridden on iPhone). I have verified both devices are associated with the account.

Is there a way for completed rides to show across all devices?


Are you referring to relative new feature when you can stop ride in Just Ride mode and then later resume that ride to continue (described here in chapter Continue from where you stopped)?
If so I did not use that feature yet (I ride almost exclusively in Time Trial mode). Maybe I can try it next week but honestly I would be surprised if the ride status will be synchronized across devices. But definitive answer about this should give Rouvy support.

And as far as I know, there is only one place to see completed rides/routes, see their help page about this. There is no ride history in Rouvy apps :roll_eyes:.


My question would overlap this feature, but I am asking in particular about completed routes. So far, I have only ridden routes on the iPad. On it, these routes have the outline shaded yellow indicating they were ridden. On my iPhone, there is no indication they have been ridden. I assume all activity would be saved to the cloud and all devices would sync when logging in thru the app.

More particular to the resume feature, I am curious if the data for each portion of the route ridden is recorded separately at the time ridden.

I opened my Rouvy app on Windows laptop and Android tablet and in route list there is no (even graphical) indication that the route was already completed. Unfortunately I have no Apple device to try it.
So I can only envy you that you can see already completed routes in iPad app. :grinning:


If you do not mind, please could you post a screenshot of it?


Screenshots from iPhone and iPad

I haven’t tried Rouvy except years ago when it was associated with Saris and called something else, which I forget. I was planning on checking it out again this winter. Do they not have a forum or social media presence for users to ask questions and commiserate? I’d like to check that out before signing up.


I haven’t been able to locate a forum similar to this one. There is a link to a Facebook page. I don’t do Facebook. I did submit a support ticket on my device issue. Interested to see response time.

I tried it today and I can confirm your findings. The yellow bar indicating ride progress is new feature and is shown on routes ridden since this feature was introduced (December 7, 2022 version 2.17.0). And it is shown only on device used to ride the route.
As far as I know Rouvy does not have its dedicated forum like Wahoo, Zwift or TrainerRoad (I do not care about Facebook).

Their previous very old name for Rouvy was VirtualTraining. Currently VirtualTraining is name of the company and Rouvy is their product. Some history is here.


Do you know if there is a way to display the missing data in this table? It is from the training diary.

I think you have found a bug in their web diary. I looked at my diary and until May 2022 there are those data, but since July 2022 they were missing. I do not use their web functionality so I did not notice it until now. I use Today’s Plan as training diary.

Agreed. It looks as though that data stopped being shown on that page around mid-June last year. That page is shown on There is a newer version at which seems to have that data, but maybe in a not so useful layout:

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the “View all activities“ link, the page crashed :cry:

The activity detail page from both the old and new list views is currently the same old one

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To me it appears, Rouvy is in the process of transitioning to a new app format. It still allows access to the old format via a link to myRouvy on the dashboard. For someone not familiar with the old format it has added another layer of complexity and confusion.

While I prefer the actual footage and augmented reality to the floating road format of Magic Roads of RGT. RGT is preferable in regard to virtual gear adjustment versus Rouvy’s reality level.

The Rouvy app has very limited information shared between devices. Most information is device specific and requires visiting the website for complete information. It’s a small thing but my profile pic is different between depending on device. iPad is one pic, iPhone is another and website is different yet. Since the only place to upload a pic is on the website, I don’t really understand. It’s as if different places point to different sources for the pic. I suspect this may be due to trying to preserve the legacy format.

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Over the past couple of days, I have noticed the information showing the distance covered and height climbed is not showing during my ride. The countdown is still showing. Is this a setting or a recent change?

Have you noticed?


In latest update 2.19.0 (change log) they changed the way of displaying the data in ride screen. Now they are now shown as countdown and I suppose it cannot be changed back by any setting (at least I did not found it).

Version 2.19.0

  • You can sort the routes in the app based on estimated duration.
  • Distance and ascent are displayed as countdown on ride screen.

I personally am not happy with this change.