Has anyone figured out how to do ReHIT training (ala the Carol Bike)?

Hi, I’m trying to avoid buying a whole new bike for what appears to be a ERG-based bike with some a very short interval training program. Has anyone figured out an app or supporting approach to use their KICKR to accomplish a Carol Bike-style REHIT workout?

Basically a 2-3min workout, 20s all-out max intensity sprint, 2-3min low intensity, another 20s all-out max intensity sprint, and a 2-3 minute cooldown. Idea is the whole thing is done in 5-6 minutes and has been proven as effective on VO2Max as/more effective to other forms of training.

@modern-traveler i have not heard of that bike but there is some info on the website about using a spin type bike with the SYSTM app.

You might also want to reach out to Wahoo support.

You don’t really want ERG for “max level sprints” though, because you’re either going to have to set the targets below “max” or otherwise risk death-spiral.

That’s really what level mode is for, use level mode and gear changes and the whole process becomes simple…


@Jon I’m pretty new to the trainer and apps - is there a way to create a pre-configured set of intervals so I can setup the 2min easy level, 20s high intensity level, etc etc.

Thanks @JSampson I’m actually attempting to replicate the functionality of this Carol bike without having to buy it, so really more looking to understand how to replicate its concept of a sprint-interval training on my Wahoo KICKR.

I really wouldn’t.
This kind of workout isn’t really aimed at using ERG mode (and the linked paper implies that the testing wasn’t done in ERG mode either).

The route would be to put your trainer into level mode, find a gear where you can flat-out sprint and then:

Drop maybe 3 gears, start spinning at ~80rpm for a minute, change up a gear and keep spinning at 80 for 30s, build up to 90rpm for the next 30s, then change gear again and drop to 60-70rpm for the next minute.
As you finish your 3m warm-up change up one more gear and sprint for 20s, then drop 2 gears and spin slowly (50-60rpm) for the next 3 minutes. Jump a gear just before you sprint, then one more and sprint for 20s, then drop two and spin at 50-60 for 3 minutes and done…

That is approximately what they have done with the system there according to their write-up.
Basically, they’re just using a bike with a resistance curve and using their cadence to affect power output.

You really don’t want to do this in ERG mode as 99% likely the outcome is either under-cooking or failure.

Further, I’d also lean on the coaches for advice here but by my reading of the study, they are basically saying it’s the more time efficient approach to a specific set of training outcomes, not that it provides a better set of outcomes than a more thorough exercise regime.

Basically, all the study says is that this method of two ten minute workouts a week provides better stimulus than three 35 minute workouts a week of a different format.
What it doesn’t conclude is that those 2x10 provide a better outcome, or even anything remotely comparable to a 5-7 ride week of Sufferfest training plan.

If you’re looking for a supplementary exercise type on time cramped days then it’s a good option.
It probably isn’t a sensible basis of training if you want significant improvement in lieu of an actual SYSTM plan, though.


As I am waaaaay to lazy to read the actual articles, if all you’re looking to do is create custom workouts, there are plenty of options to do that. Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, others that you can then upload to your head unit then have your head unit control your Kickr. Am I even coming close to answering your question @modern-traveler

You wouldn’t be able to do this within SYSTM atm but, depending on your setup, you could probably still do a free ride on RGT and have the result uploaded to your SYSTM calendar.

Also: Welcome to the forums!
Also: don’t discount what Sirs @Jon and @JSampson said above. A 5-6 minute workout would not be hard to just replicate in Level mode on your Kickr.

The key to this workout is the following structure:

3 minute warmup (undefined load/approach)
20s flat-out sprint
3 minutes low intensity (article specifies pedaling slowly, indicating a level mode approach as traditional logic would suggest low load - high cadence for muscle recovery)
20s flat-out sprint
3 minute cooldown (again undefined)

Hence my suggestion of level mode rather than trying to define an ERG mode workout, because if you try to set 20s of “flat out” in ERG then you’re either going to be forced to define the level as below your maximum output or, in all real terms, you will death-spiral before 20s is up.

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Yep. ERG mode is great and appropriate for many things, but not everything. Reading the SYSTM help notes on performing the HM and FF 4DP tests might be helpful in understanding some of the differences and applicability of ERG vs level mode.

There are several SYSTM workouts that you could use for this type of workout. The Bat and Who Dares come to mind and can be ridden (but NOT suggested) in ERG mode.