New BOLT - How to copy old BOLT data to new device?

Hello there,
for my birthday I got a new BOLT. What a pleasant surprise!
I was wondering whether I can now “duplicate” or “replicate” the settings from my 1st gen device to the new Bolt V2? That would include sensors and page setups. Or do I have to pair all sensors, trainers etc. again???
Any advice is highly appreciated? Thanks in advance!

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I had this same thing when I got the V2. Unfortunately I had to replicate all the pages and paired sensors, but this didn’t take too long. Especially when you have both computers side by side and use the Elemnt App to make the changes

Thank you for sharing your discouraging experience.
I had hoped that my set up with my Wahoo user profile would make it easy to replicate the identical set up. It’s not seldom to have a good number of sensors and individual pages set up over time which are a pain to replicate