🚀🚀🚀 NEW CONTENT: On Location - Mediterranean Coast 🚀🚀🚀

ENOUGH with the new content!! I can’t keep up! Seriously… this SUF keeps getting better and better. These On Location rides provide an amazing adjunct to the classic SUF videos. Just completed Vermeille. Spectacular! the scenery, the history and oh, the quads are burning?!
Well done!


But there’s never enough! We’ve got some more On Location coming soon (follow me on Strava and you can see what I’m testing). And more other stuff.

And I just love the Vermeille session. One of my favourites out of all the OLs.


“Frustrated climber in a sprinter’s body!” You’re describing me!! Keep up the great work! (the camera angles are just fine!)


I rode Route des Crêtes this morning and really enjoyed the session. I noticed that there were no cadence targets at all during the workout - was this the intent?

I ended up trying to match Mike’s cadence, so mostly between 90-97RPM, except during the steepest part of the climbs where is was around 65-75RPM.



Rode Nice-Menton today and (as for the other on-location rides) I always forget how full-on these rides can be.

@michael.cotty is great in this one, adding a bit of coaching to the whole thing: “If you’re not giving up, I’m not giving up”.

I like the fact that the power comes down to manoeuvre through traffic. That’s welcome too, especially considering that the ‘rest’ sections are at 60% of FTP.

In short: Not a relaxing ride. Can’t wait to do the rest.


Vermeille today, thought something lighter for lunch… but was much harder as expected.
Awesome scenery (++) and really nice workout, time was flying like the mild breeze in the vid. :wink:

More On Locations to come please!