🚀 NEW IN SYSTM: Mobility Routines! 🚀

NEW IN SYSTM: Mobility Routines!

Whenever I’m on the bike and have to look behind me, my neck just doesn’t move the way it should. And my right hip seems to be creaking a bit more than it used to. But enough about me - how well are you moving? Things a little tight here and there? Would you like to move just a little bit easier - a bit more fully? Our Sports Science team has just the thing for you.

Just released in SYSTM are 16 short (8mins or less), very easy routines designed to improve your mobility, stability, and flexibility as well as circulation and activation. There are four different areas of focus:

  • Neck & Upper Back

  • Shoulder & Thoracic Spine

  • Core & Hip

  • Foot & Ankle.

These routines are NOT progressive. Rather, each routine provides a slightly different way of improving mobility in the targeted area. We encourage you to cycle through the sessions on a regular basis and spend extra time in areas that you find more challenging (you may find certain combinations more difficult than others).

You’ll find them in the STRENGTH section of SYSTM (quick tip: click ‘Mobility’ in the filter to quickly find them). Let us know what you think!


This is EXC @David.McQuillen.KoS ! Really need this sort of thing, especially as I age (cough, cough). As much as I try to be dilligent in yoga practice with @abicarver , this will be great for quick breaks out and about. The more the better.

Are the sessions incorporated into a plan that can be added to our calendar? Any thought to that?

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This is awesome news. Thanks systm!

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@David.McQuillen.KoS Go Baby, Go!!!

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My thought is that the sport I have noticed a reduced range from of motion is actually swimming. In particular obtaining an Early Vertical Forearm. Not entirely sure why. Next would be running but many of the same joints are similar to cycling. Is there any plan to target joints used in other sports of the Triathlon Plans?

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Not yet but we’re looking into it.


Once again, profoundly grateful!!

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As today is a recovery day and my body feels like trash, it seemed a good time to try these vids out. I ran through all the A variations.

Verdict: these are short, simple, and effective routines, consisting mainly of familiar moves that I already do but should do more consistently. In addition to active recovery, I can see them being useful:
first thing in the morning,
as a first round of pre-workout activation,
in the evening before bed,
pre-yoga to get limbered up.

They go by quickly, so I paused a few times to do more work on trouble spots.

Thanks to the team for adding these!


I cannot wait to try these! Thank you!

These are very good, if only so I can get the stretches I know that I should be doing onto the SYSTM calendar. That’s probably enough of a commitment to nudge me into spending the few minutes every day to actually do it.

I hadn’t thought about this but must agree. Unfortunately if it’s not on my calendar, I tend to forget it. It would add a bit of accountability.

Perfect addition. I’ll be adding throughout my plan for Triple Bypass.